We want you and your children’s experiences at WaterPonyz to be a wonderful experience. This page just outlines a few pieces of information to make it an enjoyable swimming experience.

We strongly encourage the participants to use goggles. Goggles allow participants to see better and gain confidence sooner.

Rinse and powder silicone & latex caps after swimming to make them easy to put on the next time.

Rinse bathers out after swimming to rid them of chlorine and they will last a little longer.

We strongly encourage customers not to wear jewelry in the pool.

If your child has had an upset let the teacher know; it impacts on their swimming lesson.

All information will be distributed to parents and participants via the notice board and/ or newsletters/ email and facebook. This is in line with our philosophy of caring for the environment by not using unnecessary amounts of paper. Please ensure you keep updated with the latest information.

Arrive at classes a few minutes early. This makes everyone’s day less stressful.

Please address any concerns about anything to us immediately. We are here for you to make this the best place to learn to swim.

We do not loan goggles or swim caps due to the potential transfer of conjunctivitis and possible head lice.

Please note

We do not hold places and your enrolment will not be processed until we have your completed all details, and payment has been received.

Payment can be made in person using cash or card or via the WaterPonyz App Portal.


Parking is available in the car park at the front of the centre

Please be mindful it is gravel and you and your children are careful of the potential loose stones.

Use of cameras

We encourage you to capture your child’s time at swimming lessons for posterity; however we request that your images contain only photos of your child.

Before taking photos please speak to reception and obtain permission of the parents of other children near your class.

Direct Debit Information

Direct Debit is the preferred payment option.

Direct Debit allows you to proceed directly to class and not queue up to make payments and reenrol.

Direct Debit payments allow us to concentrate on you and your lesson and not be bogged down with administration affairs. Please speak to our Deck Angels and Administration staff about completing the details for this.