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Senior First Aid Course 

Every quarter we have a full day Senior First Aid Course facilitated by Royal Life Saving Australia at the Water Ponyz Swim School. 

This is a fully comprehensive First Aid Course that covers 3 Units in 1 day:

🛑 HLTAID001 – Provide CPR

🛑 HLTAID002 – Provide basic emergency life support

🛑 HLTAID003 – Provide First Aid

There is no minimum age requirement, however the participant must be able to interact in an adult learning environment.

And just look at all the Course Content!

➕ DRSABCD procedure

➕ Principles & legalities of First Aid

➕ Responding to an emergency

➕ Assessment for unconsciousness

➕ Moving the casualty

➕ CPR including use of a defibrillator (AED)

➕ Treatment of Illness

➕ Cardiac emergencies

➕ Bleeding and Wounds

➕ Dressings and bandages

➕ Hyperthermia & Hypothermia

➕ Burns and scalds

➕ Poisoning

➕ Reporting of accidents

➕ Spinal Injuries

➕ Bites, stings and envenomation

➕ Allergic Reactions and anaphylaxis

➕ Crush injuries

➕ Choking

➕ Diabetes

➕ Dislocations and fractures

➕ Drowning

➕ Eye and ear injuries

➕ Epilepsy and febrile convulsions

➕ Head, neck and spinal injuries

And on successful completion of the course, learners will be provided with a Statement of Attainment that includes the following:

✅ HLTAID001 -Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

✅ HLTAID002 -Provide basic emergency life support

✅ HLTAID003 -Provide first aid

This is such an amazing course that you honestly cannot afford to miss. In just one day, you can learn all of that!

And receive the official accreditation once completed. 

First Aid Workshop for KIDS

This is a perfect opportunity for children to understand, learn and then put into practise their First Aid skills. Creating their very own first aid kit, they will be completely aware and develop the skills to know what to do in a snake bite situation, learn how to splint a broken limb, discover how they can play a vital role in helping another child or adult if injured in more ways then one. This full day workshop will have the children amped and able in a friendly and cooperative environment expand their First Aid skills.  Sessions are 9am-3pm on designated school holidays.

CPR Accreditation for Adults

Bio- monthly these sessions are available for any and every adult to learn and obtain their CPR certification.  Instructed by qualified Senior First Aid facilitator this session is one for all adults to attend.  Using real manikins, staged situations, learning and developing the basic training when needing to assist in saving another’s life.