Babies + Toddlers

Parents are required in the pool for these age groups ranging from 4 months up to 36 months.

The babies and toddlers main focus is to get them to enjoy the water, learn how to survive and develop the basic fundamentals of swimming. Water Ponyz is recognised for its child paced lessons where the babies and toddlers are able to advance at their own pace while having a fun filled 30 minute session in the water with their care giver. The ratio is 6:1 and each lessons duration is 30 minutes. The songs sung and the toys used help engage the infants and toddlers as they begin their journey swimming in the comfort and reassurance of their caregivers arms.

All babies must wear Huggies Little Swimmer nappies in the pool and swim caps. Water Ponyz supply the baby with their first cotton soft fabric swim cap otherwise you may purchase any additional ones from reception. There are change tables and warm showers for you and your little precious babies and toddlers.

Babies and Toddlers Classes to choose from:

Water Bubs         3-6 months
Water Babes       6-12 months
Water Tots          12-18 months
Water Toddlers   18- 24 months
Water Kids          24- 36 months


Ponyz classes are for 3 to 5 year old children. Here they must follow instructions to develop their swimming abilities, through a fun and safe environment. Safety is paramount in these levels so the aim is to make sure they can swim to survive independently.
The program is for pre school children and correlates with the levels 1 to 3 of the swim and survive program. The classes are 4:1 and they offer a caring and nurturing environment for the children. Games and toys help the children enjoy their experience while learning to swim. The instructors are qualified and experienced with this age group and their main objective it to develop the trust and rapport from the children which aims at helping the child appreciate, love and respect the water.
The children are provided with positive guidance to progress at their own pace. The lessons environment not only enhances their swimming abilities but also develops their cognitive, emotional and social interacting skills.


As an endorsed swim school of the Royal Life Saving Society, Water Ponyz utilizes the Swim and Survive Program. Through levels 1 – 15 students work towards attaining a competent level of swimming.

Levels 1-9

As an endorsed swim school of the Royal Life Saving Society, Water Ponyz utilizes the Swim and Survive Program. Through levels 1 – 9 students work towards attaining a competent level of swimming.

Level 1 – Beginner Level
Level 2 – Water Discovery
Level 3 – Preliminary
Level 4 – Water Awareness
Level 5 – Water Sense
Level 6 – Junior
Level 7 – Intermediate
Level 8 – Water Wise
Level 9 – Senior​

Levels 10-16

Level 10 – Junior Swim and Survive
Level 11 – Swim and Survive
Level 12 – Senior Swim and Survive
Level 13 – Wade Rescue
Level 14 – Accompanied Rescue
Level 15 – Bronze Star
Level 16 – Bronze Medallion

For more details of the competencies for these levels, click here.


The pool lifesaving competition events focus on the core skills of rescues, swimming and lifesaving principal knowledge with events such as the manikin tow, line throw, swimming with obstacles and initiatives.

The emphasis is on the following skills: Swimming Skills, Lifesaving Knowledge, Community Education, Fitness Leadership and Teamwork Competition


Our Squad Program focuses on continued stroke development and endurance training.

We introduce our students to the pace clock and familiarize them with the skills needed for competition.

This program also focuses heavily on water safety and teaches skills such as basic resuscitation and pool lifesaving.

Adult Classes

Water Ponyz adult swimming lessons are specifically tailored for adults of all abilities, in a relaxed, pressure free environment. Our instructors are patient, understanding and respectful of your swimming journey, be that as a complete beginner or someone who wants to start swimming again after a break for fun or fitness and those who would like to learn or refine stroke technique.

Classes will focus on breathing, stroke technique and more. Swimming is meant to be a fun and enjoyable activity and in our classes, we make sure adults have as much fun as the children.

For adult swimming class times and availability simply contact our friendly staff who will be happy to help.

Water Aerobics

If you enjoy active/fun and low impact exercise then water aerobics offers all of this plus much more. We have very enthusiastic aerobics instructors whom encourage all the clients to work at there own pace and level reducing any injuries or help nurse in injuries.


A low impact, excellent way to build muscle tone and endurance against the resistance of water. It is a super fun, energetic way to keep your body moving. Lane Walking and Swimming now available.

Swimming Lessons Levels 1-6

Squads Levels 7+