To find a suitable day and time with us, please complete the few details below, and submit the enquiry. Our amazing team will contact you the next business day to discuss the best solutions (both time and budget) to having your beautiful child/ren swimming with us.

The swimming lessons are primarily focused on having small classes where your child will get the assistance and attention required to achieve their best, improving at their own pace.

The 8 Main Benefits of Infant & Toddler Swim Time:

  1. Swimming may improve cognitive functioning
  2. Swim time may reduce the risk of drowning
  3. Swimming improves confidence
  4. Increases quality time between caregivers and babies
  5. Builds muscle
  6. Improves coordination and balance
  7. Improves sleeping patterns
  8. Improves appetite




This is a vital time for your beautiful child to learn to swim.  The first 12 months it is an innate skill as they have spent the time in their mother womb.  We take the time to develop breath cues and confidence with you and your baby to encourage and develop the ability to swim with a kind and gentle approach.  The care giver and baby will need to be in the water together, exploring and connecting the relationship in such a beautiful medium.  You will thoroughly enjoy the experience and become surprised with how capable your beautiful little bundle of joy is!



If never been taught the importance of a toddler being able to take a breath could be the vital key needed to help the little exploration child survive if in a water body without help.  This age is so important to also encourage and develop the correct body position in the water to eventually be able to swim independently.  At this stage you will still need to be in the water with the toddler, and encourage the adventure and play while learning in the warm water.


Ponyz 3-5 year olds

These classes are for the child to learn independence without their caregiver in the water.  These small classes are aimed to develop a technique and confidence for you child to learn to swim independently! The time, care and development our team prides itself on will get results in helping your child become able in the water, learning to survive among other things is a very important par to what we focus on while enjoying the toys, games and fun had!


School Age Children 5yo + (Level 1- 14)

These children put into ability appropriate classes, and our curriculum runs along side the Royal LifeSaving requirements.  Our friendly, helpful and fun staff pride themselves on developing each child’s unique abilities and building their confidence in the water.


Bronze Star & Bronze Medallion

Both these levels are available at Water Ponyz, however the child must be 14yo to do the Bronze Medallion course.


Adult Lessons

We have available lessons to improve adults skill set, or learn to swim. We encourage all adults that are wanting to improve and enjoy the small classes to develop their life skill.


VAC Swim

If you want your children to do an intense 8 days of the school holidays swimming, then this option is perfect to improve their swimming faster.  It is a great physical activity for them to do during the school holidays while developing their technique, ability or confidence.



This is a 2-day intense Camp for all the families that live afar.  Squashed into 2 days, the children have 5 sessions to increase, develop or achieve great results quickly.  A real camp out situation, staying the night, experiencing the outdoors/bush/fun adventures of a warm indoor heated pool in the bush 😊