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FITNESS @ WaterPonyz

We are super keen to help our community improve/strengthen and feel good about themselves through our new fitness program offered here at Water Ponyz.  Using the indoor heated pool- our focus is to give everyone the opportunity to workout & stay active all year round. Launching 1st February 2021 The Fitness Membership gives you full, unlimited access to the following: 💧 Body Movement & Tone 💧 Lane Walking💧 Lane Swimming

Aqua Aerobics

These sessions are perfect for anyone wanting to get a thorough full body workout, minimize their injury risk, and enjoy the water resistance while training.  At your own pace, these sessions are great for all ages and abilities.

Lane Swimming

There is a lane available of a morning for adults to enjoy a close, indoor heated pool to improve their fitness, strokes and just enjoy the all over body workout that swimming improves.   A great cardio workout, improving lung capacity & endurance.

Lane Walking

There are lanes available weekday mornings- where you have access to the pool, using it to walk up and down in the warm 33 degree heated water.  This is fabulous for any knee recons, or exercise that is low impact.


Swim Club

The swim club term by term fitness session for the kids. Preference is the children attending this are minimum Level 6, as the workout goes for 1 hour and the strokes are continuous and a lot to endure.  This 10 week club runs for a full term and each week builds on the last. Improving the children’s strokes, increasing their fitness, assisting in any breathing issues, confidence and strength.